W.A. Whitney Company
offers an extensive line of Fabricating Machinery to handle thick to thin applications, including:

check Model 3700 SST Punch/Plasma System
check Automation of Material and Part Handling
check Model 3400 XP  Punch/Plasma System

check Model 657 Punch/Plasma
check Model 3400 Heavy Punch/Plasma System

check CNC Fabricators
check Model 4400 Max Punch/Plasma System

check Portable Hydraulic Presses

W. A. Whitney Company
has been a leader in plate technology for over 90 years.  Many of their heavy duty machines combine two processes - hydraulic punching and the efficient high quality plasma cutting into one operation to provide the highest speed and excellent part quality for least-cost fabrication.  Both the Whitney TRUECut –400 High Speed Plasma System and the Whitney Rampage High Speed Plasma System provide dross-free, weldable edges, no cleanup required, fast cutting speeds, outstanding consumable life and very low operating costs. Hydraulic punching and hydraulic stripping provides high punching capacities along with the ability to process in die forming operations.  

In addition to Punch/Plasma machines, Whitney manufactures heavy-duty laser systems, the PlateLASER 6000 and their latest laser, the PlateLASER II.   Both series are available with standard 6000 watt lasers.

Whitney also offers two series of precision plasma cutting machines, the Advantage and Storm models for users who want high quality plasma only machines.  

The following are a few of the many types of
plate processing machines available from
W. A. Whitney:
Model 3700
Model 3700 SST Punch/Plasma Fabricating Center combines automatic fabricating and forming operations of large heavy parts.  Fast set-up and automatic tool changer make this model ideal for just-in-time production and efficient, economical small lot runs.  The Model 3700SST includes 55 ton hydraulic punching capacity and 400 amp TrueCUT high speed plasma cutting.  The Model 3700 SST can be furnished with various levels of automation to suit user needs. This workhouse machine is well suited for truck, trailer, bus, tractor, construction machinery, farm machinery, job shop, material handling, steel service and similar industries.
The W. A. Whitney Model 3400XP Series Combination Punch/Plasma Fabricating Centers   are available for quick delivery and at a very attractive investment.  These machines include the Rampage Plasma System that provides dross-free, weldable edges, no cleanup required, very fast cutting speeds, outstanding consumable life and very low operating costs.  They include the unique W. A. Whitney nine station Rail Tool Changer.  An optional tool caddy expands the available tools from 9 to 30. The 3400XP has a positioning capacity of 60” x 140” and includes 40 ton of hydraulic punching.  The Whitney Model 3400XP is available with various levels of automation to suit user requirements.

Whitney Model 3400 Heavy Combination Punch/Plasma Fabricating Center

The W. A. Whitney Model 3400 Heavy Series Combination Punch/Plasma Fabricating Centers  are available for quick delivery and at a very attractive investment. 

Large 80” x 190” (2000 x 4800mm) Working Area
  • Heavy duty drives and work clamps move work pieces up to 1,800 lbs (800kg).
  • Material moves in X direction, punch and plasma torch move in Y direction. This prevents the work piece from “whipping”, and helps maintain accuracy on even the heaviest work pieces.
  • Maximum rapid speeds are achieved in all work piece weights.
Twelve Station Tool Changer
  • Fast, simple tool changer design
  • Any size tool fits any station – up to 5.00”/127 mm diameter.
55 Ton (500 kN) Hydraulic Punching
  • Punch holes in carbon steel up to 3/4" (18 mm) thick.
  • Double acting hydraulic cylinder keeps punch from “sticking” in work piece.
  • Hydraulic clamping and stripping keeps material flat.
  • Punches are hydraulically locked in the punching cylinder to maintain precise and consistent alignment.
Uses 36TC Tooling Style
  • Tools can be set-up off line – while the machine is running; tooling cartridges are quickly exchanged on the X-axis rail.
  • Fast, easy set-up. Springs hold most components in place with few fasteners.
  • Most Whitney 36TC tooling is available for fast (same-day) shipment.
State-of-the-Art Plasma Cutting Systems from Hypertherm
  • HPR260 or HPR130 HyPerformance systems
    • Highly accurate, laser-like quality
    • HPR260 provides incredible cutting speeds in thick material.
    • Long Consumable Life
    • Very economical system – low operating costs
  • Either process can be used to process Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum.
Standard Automated Part Removal
  • 24” x 80” (600 x 2000mm) drop table removes parts automatically.
  • Part detection system ensures that parts are completely removed before the machine continues cutting.
  • Average part removal time of only 2.5 seconds
  • An optional conveyor brings parts to the operator as they are cut.

The W. A. Whitney “PartHANDLER” eliminates handling of heavy, bulky material up to 60” x 120” and 1000 pounds.  Integrates to an optional Tower Storage and Retrieval System.  Automatically unloads and sorts large, finished parts via programmable vacuum system.  Fast, repeatable 10 second unload time per part.  Includes automatic removal of skeletons up to 60” x 120”. This is the latest technology in automatic plate handling.

Model 657 Punch/Plasma

  • High Quality Fabricated Parts are produced by using punching technology for accurate internal holes, and the latest plasma cutting technology for well-defined, clean external features.
  • True Flexibility is achieved with an open throat design, repositioning cylinders for long parts, parametric shape library for fast set-ups, and forming capability for producing countersinks, tread plate, louvers, and many other features that are not possible on standalone laser or plasma-cutting machines.
  • High Levels of Productivity can be attained because punching is faster than piercing and cutting holes; and plasma cutting is faster than laser and waterjet cutting.
  • Affordable Technology – the initial cost of the 657 machine is much lower than laser-cutting machines, and the ongoing operating costs are lower than any other process.
  • Basic Specifications: Punching force: 40 Tons, Maximum work piece thickness: .500", X-axis: 75.50" ; Y-axis: 49.20", Positioning accuracy: +/- .005", Max work piece weight: 500 lbs., Rapid speed (per axis): 1000 ipm, Stroke rate: 80 SPM, Stroke length: 1.00",
  • Tooling style: Whitney 28XX,
  • Available plasma systems: Hypertherm HD130 (standard) Hypertherm HPR130 (optional)
  • CNC Control: Whitney, Easy to use, Touch screen, Graphic display, Parametric shape library

Whitney Combination Punch/Plasma Comparison Chart

Model  4400 MAX   This large “Heavy Duty” punch/plasma fabricating center handles plate up 4,900 pounds.  The Model 4400 MAX has a positioning are of 96” x 170”, heavy duty 100 tons hydraulic punching, automatic tool changer, and a 24” x 96” automatic drop door for easy part removal.  With the available  “dross-free” TRUECut 400 amp plasma cutting it can cut 70 IPM in 1” steel, 95 IPM in ¾” steel, 160 IPM in ½” steel, 265 IPM in 5/16” steel and 395 IPM in 3/16” steel. The Model 4400 MAX can easily handle steel plate ¾” x 8’ x 20’, 1” x 6’ x 20’ and 1” x 8’ x 15’.  This heavy duty fabricating system can be furnished with various levels of automation.


The Model 1524 CNC Fabricator offes machine simplicity and versatility for a fraction of the price of a full CNC punch press.  The Model 1524 includes 50 tons of hydraulic punching with a very easy to use CNC control.

Portable Hydraulic Presses reduce material handling costs and increase productivity by taking the press tot he work site or put into a work cell.  Use on I-beams, channels, angle iron, plate and wide-flange beams.  W.A. Whitney portable presses offer quick set-up and easy tool changeover.  Available in a variety of sizes and capacities from 20 to 250 tons
Coper/Notcher/Bender Presses permit the fabricator to make accurate, burr-free cuts with major time savings in set-up, layout, fitting, welding, and shearing.  Notch on one side, cope and bend on the other.
Hydraulic Shears and Mating Power Units  for shearing angles, flats, channels, solid squares, rounds, and square tubing.  Two standard models with capacities from 18 to 45 tons to shear maximum size angle up to 6" x 6" x ½”.
Please contact Metalworking Machinery Systems for detailed information on any W. A. Whitney machines or if you would like us to review any applications.