W-Technologies.  Hydraulic Shock Dampeners

Hydraulic Shock Dampers
For Mechanical & Hydraulic Press Applications

Hydraulic shock dampers
are designed to provide a counter pressure force, upward, at the moment of part breakthrough.  This resistance is generated by internal orifice and flow control valves built into the cylinder that  restrict the flow of oil out of the cylinder when it is subjected to an instantaneous velocity increase experienced during breakthrough.

Properly sized and adjusted shock dampers will reduce or eliminate the reverse load or snap through tonnage during blanking.

Shock dampers are beneficial for applications experiencing:
  • Excessive reverse shock
  • Premature die wear
  • Fatigued press components
  • Hydraulic system failure
Dampers are also beneficial for balancing and controlling blanking applications that off-center load the press through the die design or its placement on the bed of the press.

Shock dampers are available for press applications up through 3000 tons.

Shock Damper on Press
Shock Dampers on Straight-Side Press

 Shock Dampers on Straight Side Press
Shock Dampers on Straight-Side Press

Additional Examples of W-Technologies Shock Damper Applications

Shock Dampers on Gap Frame OBS Press

Shock Dampers on Gap Frame OBS Press

Shock Damper photo

Shock Dampers on Press Brake

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