Unist Uni-Roller lubrication application equipment offer the user a variety of proven methods to lubricate the top and bottom of material in automatic stamping or stand-alone metal blank applications.

Based on the Unist patented internally fed roller concept, these systems are capable of evenly applying a broad range of fluids in nearly any quantity desired. 

The  Unist SPR-2000 Programmable Fluid Controller is a key component for controlling the fluid in any roller or spray application that requires the reliability and accuracy of modern electronics.

With the ability to save settings for up to sixty different jobs and deliver the proper amount of fluid every time, the Unist system with the SPR-2000 fluid controller is well suited for a wide range of lubricating applications.


The SPROLLER patented Model SPR-2000 programmable fluid controller is the central control system for a complete lubrication system that could include one or more of the following:
  • Uni-Roller Type “S” Stock Lubricators
  • Mini-Roller Stock Lubricators
  • Powered Uni-Roller Blank  Lubricators
  • Spray Nozzles
  • In-Die Spray Lube Points

Unist Mini-Rollers (Horizontal and Vertical Applications)

Unist Spray Nozzle Applications

Custom Lubricant Applications

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