Heavy Duty Type CF Roller Style Stock Lubricators
Stamping Specialty Co.

Type “C” oilers have heavy-duty rigid welded construction with 1/4” steel end plates and 11-gauge reservoirs, 4 inch diameter rolls, mounted in ball bearings on 1 inch diameter steel axle rods.  They are built to last.
Type "CF" roller style oilers are available to handle stock from 26 gauge to 1", up to 72" wide.
Heavy duty carpet covered rolls are ball bearing mounted for smooth, uniform lubrication.
Top roll is fed by lubricant dripping through perforated tubing.  Bottom roll picks up lubricant from the pan.
Unused lubricate is collected in the roller pan and drained back into the reservoir to be recirculated through the system for a clean and efficient operation.
Use oil or drawing lubricant.
Adjustable wiper blades to control excess lubricant.
Rolls can be recovered or replaced.

A Centrifugal Pump is standard with all Heavy Duty Stock Oilers, handling water-soluble lubricants or light oils up to SAE 30/40.
For heavy oil applications or for lubricants that have a tendency to "foam" when pumped, then a Geared Pump is recommended.  The 3/4 H.P.  Geared Pump is equipped with a 14 gallon Reservoir. 
Choose either 115/230 single-phase, or 230/460 three-phase.

An optional pneumatic lift for the top roll and wiper can be provided to help reduce coil change-over time.

Bearing Guide Assembly:
(Should be installed when ordering oiler unit.)
  • Highly recommended when feeding materials to help in threading material through oiler.
  • Reduces the necessity of raising and lowering wiper for each new threading of material.
  • It is all bearing mounted.

Comparison of SAE, AGMA and ISO Oil Codes

1/8” support plate is welded to the end cap and to the shaft collar to assure  that no failure will occur   during extreme pressure situations.

1 1/2” shaft collar is welded to the end cap and to the support plate.  Shaft collar is bored to 1.005”, +.002-.001 for accurate roll turning.

Heavy duty stock oiler rolls are available in either commercial quality carpet covering, or in cast urethane covering.  Both styles of covering are mounted on the same fabricated steel core.
Carpet is wire-laced, glued & riveted to tube for maximum life.

Urethane is cast to 3/8” thick and ground to perfect smoothness.
1/8” thick end caps are internally welded to the tube. End cap flange extends beyond the     diameter of the tube to help keep the carpet protected and in    position.
Low cost portable stock oilers are shown below:

Top roll is fed by lubricant dripping from perforated tube. Bottom roll picks up lubricant from pan. Rolls turn on free-wheeling steel axle rod insuring even spread of lubricant. Constant spring pressure on rolls assures smooth, uniform lubrication. Reservoir capacity is 1 quart. An optional larger Reservoir is available.

Stock Oilers are inclinable with press.
OILER DIMENSIONS: (width) x  (length) x (height):    
Model A-9       4 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 13 3/4"
Model A-18
     4 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 13 3/4"
Feed-line height from bottom of pan to center of rolls is 2 3/4"
Optional FLOOR STANDS are available for Type "A" Stock Oilers. Feed-line height is adjustable from 24 inches to 42 inches. Heavy 14-lb. base plate is large enough to sit a 5-gallon pail on, for extra weight in extreme situations.

Model AO-9 and Model AO-18 (Similar to above) can be proved with an overflow valve in the pan.
This overflow protection prevents the bottom pan from spilling excess lubricant.
They can also be proved with a 1/2 gallon reservoir or the standard 1 quart reservoir.

Heavy Duty Type B Motorized Lubricators to lubricate blanks and cut sheets.

Power driven rolls pull the material smoothly through the Stock  Oiler, lubricating both sides of the material.  Separate lubricant controls for the top rolls, and for the bottom rolls, enable the operator to adjust for the desired application rate (with optional lower drip tube).

Rigid welded construction, built to last. Heavy 1/4" end plates welded to 1/8" thick reservoir pan. Rolls are 4" in diameter, mounted on 1-inch diameter steel axle rods turning on ball-bearings at each end.  

Upper Drip Tube is standard. Bottom Roll picks up lubricant that is constantly being replenished in the pan.

An optional Lower Drip Tube is available for maximum control of lubricant flow to the bottom Roll.

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