Sray-Rite Lubrication Systems
Metalworking Machinery Systems Inc. offers  the SPRA-RITE Lubricant Application System,  the only totally NEW and INNOVATIVE method of controlled die or stock spray lubricators to be introduced to the stamping and drawing industries for over two decades. We are proud to announce that this unique concept was granted a US Patent in July of '96.
The SPRA-RITE spray lubricator system utilizes independently controlled, electrically operated, highly efficient injector valves to precisely regulate the volume of lubricant applied at specific areas of stamping or drawing tooling, and or the stock, at a predetermined press stroke interval.

The Injector valves, which are micro-processor controlled, ELIMINATE all of the Poppets,  O-Rings, and Check Valves found in less effective application devices.

PRECISE application of lubricant from the spray lubricator, and the elimination of DOWNTIME is achieved through the use of these State of the Art components.

Each SPRA-RITE Control includes a PLC and Data Display. These controls offer numeric programming of the injector valves, a nozzle PURGE or TEST feature, and dual ALARM out puts for effective management of the safety features.

VERY user-friendly application control is managed by the SPRA-RITE electronic control located within the system console.

Totally programmable, the controller INDEPENDENTLY controls EACH Injector with regards to the precise volume of lubricant applied, and the ability to independently skip press cycles for preprogrammed stroke counts.

IF YOU DEMAND maximum efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and accurate metering systems; coupled with increased production rates, reduced lubricant waste, improved environmental conditions, and ease of setup, the SPRA-RITE lubricating system is for YOU.

Spra-Rite Features and Options:
Process Control
Independent Control of Each Nozzle

        - Volume
        - Stroke
        - Delay
Independent Triggering
        - You can trigger in banks of four for different spray locations
200 Part Storage Recipes
Interface Capable
       - Tie into your press controls for easy job set-up
       - No operator interface required
       - Run correct spray profile for each job
Key Lock for proven process capability

Injector Manifold:
Independent Control of Each Injector
Mountable to Die or Press
Available in 24VDC or 120VAC
Minimal Maintenance
Control Pressure
Optional Pressure Switch
      - Guarantee spray on critical areas
      - Shut down press if no spray

99.5% Drip Free
No Check Valves
Minimal maintenance
Adjustable or fixed capability
Minimum or No Mist

Quick Connect:
Eliminate costly set-up
Guarantee proper spray location
Hook Up to eight lube lines at once
Eliminate confusing lube line hook up

Spray Cabinet:
Designed for lubrication spray between feed & die
Easily contains spray and collects unused lubricant
Includes built-in spray nozzles
Available in sizes to fit most applications
Usually mounted on feed exit to keep in line with feed during feed line height adjustment. 

PRO-MIX Lubrication Proportional / Mixers for Central Multiple Press Lubrication Systems:

With over 500 lubricating systems in operation in a variety of metal working industries, the PRO-MIX line of proportional/mixers have proven to be superior with regards to ACCURACIES of the mixture, PRECISE blending of the materials, and CONTINUOUS service.

As the largest manufacturer of die casting, metal forming lubricant proportional/mixers, Pro-Mix reputation of supplying customers with the optimum in PERFORMANCE and QUALITY lubricating systems did not just happen. Pro-Mix employs proven effective engineering principles, reliable component parts, and quality construction methods in ALL of the lubricating systems we manufacture. Please review the design and manufacturing criteria which places the PRO-MIX line of industrial lubrication equipment in a class all its own:

  1. ONLY Top Quality industrial grade lubricating systems components and construction methods are used in system manufacturing.
  2. TWO positive displacement pumps mechanically coupled perform the critical assignment of managing the mixture.
  3. BOTH system pumps are driven simultaneously by ONE industrial duty electrical motor.
  4. ONLY the amount of WATER in the mixture is varied to establish and control the critical mixture ratio.
  5. CONTROL of the mixing process is managed by an Allen Bradley MicroLine PLC.

The PRO-MIX lubricating system is manufactured to thoroughly mix lubricant concentrate with water to the desired mixture, and distribute the mixture to each press through an in-plant piping network.
Each press coupled to the network will receive a continuous supply of pressurized lubricant. Additionally, the machinery can be manufactured to supply TWO or THREE different mixtures of the lubricant concentrate to each press.

The PRO-MIX II lubricating systems extract the lubricant concentrate from a 55 gallon drum, multi-drum tote by means of gravity, or can be manufactured to, upon demand, refill from centrally located pressurized source.

Each lubricating system includes a water reservoir that automatically refills upon demand. The water reservoir stabilizes the water pressure prior to the mixing sequence and is used as a vacuum break between the water supply and PRO-MIX unit. Additionally, each system assembled on a floor mounted steel platform.

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