Rowe Machinery & Manufacturing (A Formtek Company) offers an extensive line of coil handling equipment and systems, including:
  • Servo Feeds
  • Servo Feeder-Straightener Combinations
  • Straighteners
  • Reels
  • Coil Cradles
  • Cradle-Straightner Combinations
  • Treading Tables
  • Edge Trimmers
  • Coil Storage Loading Cars & Upenders
  • Levellers
  • Cut-to-Length Systems
  • Special Coil Systems
Servo Feeds Available in both (2) two and (4) four roll styles
Rowe manufactures AC servo Driven roll feeds in both a 2 and 4 roll design with zero backlash gear box driven upper and lower rolls providing the most consistent feeding available.

Width capacities available from 10 wide to 84 wide. Thickness capacities available to meet user requirements.

Options available to suit user and application needs.

Combination Servo Straightener-Feeders

Rowe manufactures combination straightening and servo feed units.  Depending upon the model, the straightener has seven or nine straightening rolls positioned between servo driven pinch rolls at both the entry and exit of the straightener-feeder.  The lower straightening rolls and the entry and exit pinch rolls are all power drive. 

Many options are available to suit user and application needs, such as powered high lift head, digital roll position readout, roll lift for progressive (piloted dies) tooling, etc.

Servo Feeds with Pull-Thru Straightner
Rowe also offers a AC servo feed equipped with a (5) five roll pull through straightener mounted at the entry of the servo roll feed, creating a compact, economical feeder-straightener combination. 
Motorized Straighteners
Rowe straighteners are designed to remove curvature (coil set) and minimum crossbow from coiled stock.

Depending on the model, the straightners are equipped with (11) eleven or (13) thirteen rolls. The four entry and exit pinch rolls and the lower straightening rolls are power driven, hardened ground and set in anti-friction bearings, and with a bank-adjustable common housing.   Features and options available to suit application and user needs.

B& K Levellers
We are pleased to also offer B&K Levellers for difficult material applications or where material flatness is very critical.n If properly adjusted, a leveller can correct for crossbow, coil set, twisted strip, center buckles and or loose or wavy edges.  These precision machines are available for many different width and thickness applications.

Please contact Metalworking Machinery Systems for more information on B&K Levellers. 

Rowe can provide both (3) three and (4) four arm reel styles, motorized and pull-off types.

Reel capacities available to meeting coil system needs and user requirements.
Single end and double end reel configurations available.

Coil Loading Cars and Coil Upenders
Coil loading cars and upenders available from 10,000 to 50,000 pound capacities and up to 84 width capacities
Edge Trimmers
Rowe Edge Trimmer unit is provided in applications where edge finish and dimensions are critical.

The edge trimmer can be installed on the exit end of the straightener or leveler, or for an added cost, can stand alone with its own drive system. 

The edge trimmer is of the stub arbor type with powered width adjustment.  Hand crank adjustment allows for final fine adjustment for width.  A set of (4) four rotary slitting knives is furnished along with a scale for reading adjustments for width and dial indicators for setting of the knife penetration

Coil Systems, Cut-to-Length Systems & Blanking Lines

Rowe offers complete Cut-to-Length,  Stacking Systems and Blanking Lines for processing of coiled material.

Contact Metalworking Machinery Systems for more information on these productive Rowe Coil Systems or individual coil units.