Mayufran - Press Room Techniques  
The innovative Shuffle-Drive System, developed by Press Room Techniques, leads the way in providing solutions for scrap management at the press, yielding improvements in press availability and throughput with reduced operating costs.

With systems typically yielding a payback on your investment in less than a year, you can quickly enhance your competitiveness in the challenging metalforming market.

The Shuffle Tray Mechanical Drive Conveyor is the answer to common problems associated with air shaker tray and belt conveyors. 

The unique Shuffle Tray Drive provides a smooth eccentric rotation from a crank which changes speed through 360 degrees of rotation from slow to fast.  Thus providing a "table cloth" effect on the product or scrap on the tray, causing it to move forward on the tray for easy removal.  Designed for heavy duty stamping operations.

Shuffle Drive Conveyors are ideal for scrap handling where air shaker or belt conveyors cannot stand up
  • No daily maintenance required
  • Extremely heavy duty/ built for long term operation
  • Totally Mechanical, no springs or no air required
  • Horizontal motion / no vibration
  • Custom sizes available and systems designed to meet your needs
Mayfran’s press-mounted Shuffle Drive systems will significantly increase uptime, eliminate draw on shop air  and run reliably shift after shift. The return on investment through increased machine utilization is astounding. That’s why most of our customers have already installed multiple Shuffle Drive Conveyor systems, and are planning to install more. The Shuffle Conveyor’s nearly maintenance free and reliable operation ensures availability in the most demanding operations.

The Shuffle Conveyor can adapt to any situation, including moving parts as well as removing scrap. There is no vibration that can damage products, as with a vibrating conveyor. Trays can be made out of special materials to further improve impact or heat resistance or protect products. Additional applications include laser cutting, food processing, pharmaceuticals, plastics and aggregates

The compact and powerful Shuffle Drive motor can be mounted wherever needed to fit the material flow and available space, readily supporting rolling-bolster installations. The cross-shaft which drives the trays can be designed to rest within the bed if necessary. The trays are custom made to meet your specific material handling needs, and moving trays for die changeovers requires no tools and minimal time.

The Shuffle Drive Conveyor for in-the-floor applications is a perfect complement to steel
belt conveyors in central scrap management systems. They can be installed to fit in tight places, above or below the floor to transport scrap to collection areas with no buildup of scrap carryover.


Shuffle Drive Conveyor below floor press scrap.

Shuffle Drive Conveyor below floor die cast scrap.

Shuffle Drive Conveyor on floor

Shuffle Drive on small gap frame press.

Shuffle Drive dropping scrap to belt conveyor.

Shuffle Drive with adjustable height crossbar.

Shuffle Drive dropping forgings to incline belt conveyor.

Shuffle Drive on rolling bolster.

Shuffle Drive dropping to Shuffle Drive on floor.