Protech Systems
 We are pleased to offer the following equipment by Protech Systems:

Series 42 and 42o Safety Blocks:  provide protection for press, tooling and people during press    set-up and maintenance.  Blocks are composed of high strength light weight aluminum.   Both adjustable screw and wedge types are available.

Adjustable safety blocks are very easy to use as they can accommodate various shutheight adjustments and help reduce set-up time.

For a complete data sheet on Series 42 and 42o Safety Blocks by Protech Systems, with formulas, sizing and application information click here.    (Data sheet is provided in Adobe PDF format).

Please email, fax or call and we will be pleased to provide a pricing sheet for the various sizes of safety blocks, both adjustable and wedge styles.

  Please contact Metalworking Machinery Systems for more information and pricing on safety blocks.