Press Load Monitor Calibration Service
Press and tonnage monitor calibration service is offered by  Metalworking Machinery Systems.  This calibration  service is economical insurance against incorrect tonnage monitor readings.  We can also provide new Link Systems two or four channel tonnage monitors if your presses do not have monitors already installed.

Stop-Time Measurement Service
Metalworking Machinery Systems can provide stop time measurement service and safety distance information for your  presses in order to comply with OSHA/ANSI stop time measurements.

Press and Press Brake Safety Surveys
In-Factory survey of your press and press brake compliance to OSHA/ANSI standards provided by Metalworking Machinery Systems.

Safety Light Curtain Installation Service
Installation of Link Black Max Light Curtains provide by Metalworking Machinery Systems

Press Control Installation
Installation of Link Systems solid state press controls is provided by Metalworking Machinery Systems

Die Protection and Programmable Limit Switch Installation
Installation service of Link Systems die protection monitors and programmable limit switches furnished by Metalworking Machinery Systems

Polyurethane Mandrel Expanders for Coil Reels,
Polyurethane Covers for Critical finish Parts

Contact Metalworking Machinery Systems for more information on polyurethane mandrel expanders or if you would like a quote on a specific application.

Polyurethane mandrel expanders are available for most applications were the customer desires to expand the ID range of the coil reel mandrel to accommodate larger ID coils, and at the same time reduce material surface damage, especially on critical finished coils.
  • Constructed of high impact, abrasion resistant polyurethane.
  • Available in modular segments 1” to 10” wide – in various ID’s and OD’s; multiple segments can be used to provide width desired. 
  • Available in wall thickness from ½” and up.
  • Bolt on styles are also available.
  • Easier to install and remove than conventional steel expander plates.
  • More tear and cut resistant than comparable rubber expanders, will not stretch or loose shape.
Please advise the following when requesting a proposal on polyurethane mandrel expanders:
  1. Existing arbor range:
  2. Inside diameter of coil:
  3. Width of coil:
  4. Weight of coil:
  5. Uncoiling or rewind application

Photo of three polyurethane mandrel expander segments mounted on one arbor.
mandrel expanders
Photo of polyurethane rollers on cascade support rolls mounted on a roll former.

Please contact Metalworking Machinery Systems for specific information on any of the above services.