Link Systems designs, develops and manufactures electronic controls, monitors and safety devices for the metal stamping and fabrication industry.  An engineering company committed to providing practical solution to your needs for automation, productivity, quality, safety and shop floor information storage and retrieval, Link Systems wants to be your metalforming partner.

Black Max safety light curtains are designed to protect personnel from point of operation hazards associated with industrial machinery such as power presses. 

Available in lengths from 18" to 48" in 6" increments 
Scan distances of 50 and 100 feet 
Easy to install and use with mirrors for 2, 3, or 4 side guarding 
Optional extension models for horizontal guarding available 
Perimeter guarding applications available in sizes from 48" to 96î in 12" increments 
Meets OSHA and ANSI construction requirements for presence sensing devices

The OmniLink System 5000  is simply the most advanced integrated multiple microprocessor power press control available.  It is a combination of press control, automation control, and tooling monitor integrated  into one easy to use unit. 
The following functions can be provided by the OmniLink System 5000: 
Clutch/Brake control 
Programmable Limit Switch for sequencing press auxiliary systems and automation 
Large, easy to use, high-resolution, Full Color monitor 
Both graphic and digital display of crank angle 
Press auxiliary systems control 
Enhanced diagnostics provides the reason for the last 128 stops, stop date and time
Automation Interfacing and Monitoring 
Extensive Die Protection/Process Monitoring 
Signature and Tonnage Monitoring 
Job Storage and Recall for 500 production jobs
User Entered Job Notes for each stored job to prompt setup and operator  
Servo Feed Interface standard 
Auto Setup for shut height, counterbalance air pressure, cushion air pressure, and hydraulic overload settings
Preventive Maintenance Software allows the User to Schedule/Monitor Service 
LinkNet PC networking 
Plus, additional automation and control features to suit most user requirements  

  Additionally, Link can supply all motor controls for the press in the same enclosure as the OmniLink System 5000 controller rack to provide a compact, consolidated control system. 

Model 5100 Press Control
Link Systems Introduces the “New” Model 5100 Press Control.  

The Link 5100 Press Control brings a new dimension to mechanical power press  production systems ...  the dimension of a very attractively priced control that incorporates standard designs providing intelligent control technology to increase uptime, safety and parts quality.
This new Link Systems control can be configured with features and options  to suit various levels of customer  requirements for stamping press automation.

5100 Main OIT Screen
A few features and available options are listed as follows:
  • Resolver / Encoder Based  
  • Dual Diverse Microprocessor System    
  • Brake Monitor / Motion Detector  
  • Programmable Limit Switch   
  • Die Protection    
  • Tonnage Monitor    
  • Counters: Production-Batch-Quality-Etc.    
  • Lubrication Control and Monitor Feature    
  • Most Inputs Labels Can Be User Assigned    
  • Configurable Output Relays    
  • Modular Expandable Design   

  • Rugged Touch Screen Color Display
  • Graphic Stroke Position Indicator
  • Servo Feed Interface
  • Easy Set-Up - Easy To Use
  • Displays Reasons For Last 100 Stops
  • Displays In Plain English & Spanish
  • Hydraulic Overload Control & Monitor
  • Display Of Motor Speed
  • Display Of Motor Percent Of Load
  • Very Attractive Investment
  • Many More Features & Options
Two Screen Examples:
Diagnostic Screen
5100 Diagnostics
Die Protection Screen
5100 Die Protection
The OmniLink 5100 Press Control is a “state of the art” modular system designed to grow with your needs.  It is an economical alternative to the popular Link Systems OmniLink 5000 Press control.  
The OminLink 5100 control can be configured with any of following operating modes:  Set-Up, Inch, Single, Continuous, Bar, Timed Inch,  Automatic Single Stroke, Continuous on Demand and Maintained Continuous.  
Link Black Max infrared safety light curtains are available to protect against hazards while allowing  accessibility and visibility for the operator.
Link Systems designs, develops and manufactures electronic controls, monitors, and safety  devices for the metal stamping and fabricating industry.

5100 Hardware

System 2500 Programmable Limit Switch

The System 2500 provides flexibility and ease of setup for the control, sequencing, timing and monitoring of feed line, ejection, transer and other auxiliary automation equipment used with power presses through quick, simple keyboard programming of up to 24 Programmable Limit Switch outputs and 8 Die Protection and automation inputs. 

A non-volatile memory that stores 100 jobs provides for paperless record keeping and recall of each job setup.  Stroke, batch, part, and quality check counters are standard on the system to give information and control over part runs.  The System 2500 can be easily interfaced to communicated with most Servo Feeds.

The System 1100 is a microprocessor-based monitor that can determine, display and compare developed forces with preset limits for machines that use large forces in the production process. 
    Available in either 2 or 4 channels 
    Use of Data Windows allow for close monitoring by not only checking absolute peak tonnages, but also checking up to 4 additional local peaks created by staggered tooling 
    Automatic setup allows all setpoints to be calculated and set automatically 
    123 setups can be stored and recalled by job name or number 
    Both forward and reverse loads can be displayed. 
The model SS-501 is a solid state clutch/brake control for mechanical power presses.  The  SS-501 Control is designed for both safety and production requirements.  It provides simple interface for presence sensing safety devices, die protection, tonnage monitoring systems, programmable limit switches, lube systems, die clamps and other auxiliary systems. 
  • Custom designs to meet your needs 
  • Meets all OSHA control reliability requirements 
  • Self-diagnostic capability for ease of troubleshooting 
  • Compact modular system allows expansion of system with options 
  • Consolidation of latest OSHA requirements into basic control minimizes field wiring 
  • Time based brake monitoring and rotary cam motion detection are standard 
  • Simple to interface with auxiliary electrical equipment 
  • Provides the direct readout of clutch engagement time and stopping time 
  • Can be configured for special modes of operation 
Counterbalance, Die Cushion, and Shut Height controller 
  • Supports a shut height suystem and either a counterbalance or die cushion system
  • Automatically adjusts pressure and shut height to setpoints entered by user
  • Can store and recall setpoints on a per job basis
  • Stops the press if the shut height drifts out of tolerance during production
  • Displays current die cushion or counterbalance air pressure in PSI
  • Displays current die weight, cushion force, and shut height in user selected units. (i.e., Kg, Tons, Lbs, inches, millimeters)
  • Gives current system status and last error messsage. 
Operator Interface Terminal 
  • Job Storage and recall for 250 jobs
  • Part, Batch, quality, and stroke counters
  • Password protected zones with user configurable acccess codes
  • Internal clock and date functionality
  • Feed interface support
  • Full diagnostic messages
  • LinkNet pressroom monitoring software compatible