Komatsu Cutting Technologies

Komatsu's Twister Fine Plasma products represent the latest technology in plasma cutting of metals that started with the first line of Fine Plasma cutting machines in 1989. In the 1990's through today the Komatsu Fine Plasma technology has been the backbone of the Rasor Series of Fine Plasma Cutting Machines recognized for the high quality precision cutting and outstanding service and support.

The Twister Series continues this tradition, adding more power and patented technology enhancements that produce superior cut surface finishes to laser at a fraction of the initial cost, production time, and production cost. The Twister Series is available to expand your production capacity and to start saving now!

Komatsu Fine Plasma power supplies, torches, and cutting machines are designed and built by Komatsu Industries Corporation

Three series of Komatsu Fine Plasma machines are available:

TFP Series:   Available with a 60” x 120” & 72” x 144” cutting area and 30KW (150 Amp) output power can cut  up to 1.0" thick.

TFPL Series:  Available with the 60 kW (300 Amp) or 30 kW (150 Amp) Fine Plasma, and  table widths of  8 or 10 feet, and table lengths of  20 or 40 feet.   Can cut up to 1.5” thick with 60 kW  (300 Amp) power and up to 2.0" thick with 100kW (525 Amp) power.

TFPV Series: Features beveling cutting and 60kW (300 Amp) power.

  Komatsu TFP3051
Komatsu TFP3051

The exclusive Linear Guides and Rack & Pinion Guides on the X and Y Axis provide exceptional cutting track contributing to the outstanding performance of the Komatsu Twister Series of Fine Plasma machines.

Model TFP Series
The TFP3051 (5’ x 10’ table) and TFP3062 (6’ x 12’ table) models Fine Plasma cutting machine from Komatsu.

Both the TFP3051 and TFP3062 feature the Twister 30 kW (150 Amp) Fine Plasma torch.

It will cut Mild Steel up to 1" thick, Aluminum up to 5/8", and Stainless Steel up to 3/4".  TFP3062

It includes the QuickSilver process that   produces superior cutting speeds and edge quality when cutting stainless steel. Cutting speeds are improved and dross is reduced due to the high power plasma unit and high speed Twister gas.

Pierce times are reduced due to incorporating automatic gas change during the touch sensor cycle.  Cut quality is improved by control of main gas flow and arc mode based on hole size.

Spraying anti-spatter directly through the torch improves hole cut quality and consumables life.

The push-pull zoned exhaust system greatly reduces fumes while cutting. A mechanical spatter splash shield is activated during piercing.

Spatter splash reduced by the Komatsu spatter shield.

TFP Charts

For applications requiring cutting on large size square and rectangular pipe and other structural members, the TFP3051 and TFP3062 High Body Factory Installed Option is available.  This extends the Z-Axis stroke from the standard 5 in. (125 mm) to 11.8 in. (300 mm) without reducing the cutting accuracy of sheet metal and plate.High Body Option

Square pipe, plate and sheet metal can all be cut on the same machine. When square pipe or other structural members are being cut, the operator selects "Square Pipe Mode" at the CNC. For sheet metal and plate, the operator selects "Normal Mode".

Cutting is limited to a single contiguous surface height in each NC program. If the structural member has more than one surface to be cut at different heights, a separate NC program is required for each surface height and non-contiguous surface to be cut.

Model TFPL Series

TFPL Series
Twister TFPL6082 60 kW (300 Amp) Fine Plasma, 8 x 20 ft. cutting table & 1.5” Thick capacity pictured above.

TFPL Series machines are available with the 60 kW (300 Amp) or 30 kW (150 Amp) Fine Plasma, and table widths of 8 or 10 feet, and table lengths of 20 or 40 feet.

The Twister is a high- grade cutting machine that offers outstandingly high productivity and much better cost     performance than laser cutting.

The 30 kW power unit (150 Amp) can cut Mild Steel up to 1 in. (25 mm) thick.

The high output 60 kW (300 Amp) power unit has all of the features of the 30 kW power unit and increases the range of plate thickness that can be cut to 1.5 in. (36 mm).

The 60kW (300 Amp) high power unit and high-speed Twister gas result in a huge increase in plate cutting  thickness and an exponential increase in cutting speed. The 60kW Twister is 2 times faster than 6kW Laser,  5 to 10 times faster than Gas cutting. The new 100kW (525 Amp) Blade Series can cut up to 2.0" thick mild steel.

  • Torch Oil Jet 
  • Auto Gas Control 
  • Gas Flow Pattern
  • Quick Piercing
  • Arc Marker
  • Quick Arc Change
  • Splatter Shield
  • Light Sensor
  • Technology Table
  • Fumes Elimination Room by Damper
  • Cantilver Frame
  • Consumables Life Manager
  • Komatsu patented high pressure creates dross free parts.
  • Komatsu patented electrode design lasts three times longer than conventional plasma systems.
  • 50 –70 % faster than laser cutting
  • Komatsu pierces from hole to hole @ 3.5 seconds.
  • Accuracy from hole to hole +/- 0.0007”
  • Komatsu plasma system is forgiving in hostile conditions.

  • Auto Gas Control  - gas, flow, pressure and gas type is automatically controlled.
  • Auto Process Control - current, cut speed, cut height, offset and pilot current is auto-controlled.
  • Komatsu Hi-Definition starts right up and is cutting in less than 30 seconds.

TFPL Charts

Model TFPV Series with Bevel Cutting Head

TFPV with Bevel Cutting Feature
Model TFPV6084 -  98” x 484” with  Bevel Cutting Feature Included

Detail of Bevel Cutting Head

The Root Twister TFPV Series cutting machines feature the Twister Fine Plasma Torch with Bevel Cutting Head.  Using the bevel cutting head, one or two pass cutting can be used to produce beveled edges for welding.

TFPV will dramatically improve efficiency of the cutting process, include welding preparation, and it can reduce product cost and time for weld groove.

The above photo is a Model TFPV6082. This features the 60 kW  (300 Amp) Twister Fine Plasma, with bevel cutting head, on a 8 ft. by 20 ft. cutting machine.

To insure cut accuracy when using two cuts, a unique CCD Camera is mounted above the torch.  Image processing software is used to detect how much the part has moved after the first cut, and adjusts the position and orientation of the second cut accordingly.

Examples below of weld grooves using TFPV with 60 kW Twister Fine Plasma:

Bevel weld grooves

Bevel Angle of Weld Groove:
From -45 degrees  to +45 degrees
Maximum Cutting Thickness:
36 mm for straight cut
25 mm for bevel cut with 45 degrees
32 mm for bevel cut with 30 degrees

Blade Series Model TFPL 1082

TFPL 1082
TFPL Blade Series
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