IRMCO - Die Lubricants
IRMCO - Die Lubricants  - Specialists in polymer lubricants for high strength steel applications      
IRMCO’s forming film technologies improve every major process from forming metal (sheet, coil and tube) to welding, assembly, paint and waste treatment.

IRMCO’s Extreme Temperature (ET) High Polymer technology has replaced conventional products and significantly improved metal flow by reducing friction on advanced high strength steel (AHSS).

IRMCO FLUIDS® are high performance, clean, non-oil, environmentally sound alternatives to traditional chlorinated oils, pigmented pastes, water soluble oils, and synthetic metal forming/stamping lubricants.

Tool Life & Press Speed - Productivity – IRMCO’s high performance chemistry reduces operating temperatures and friction resulting in improved metal flow and reduced tool wear. Increased tool protection reduces polishing down time, scrap and improves tool life. On average, IRMCO’s clients increase tool life 25%.

auto frame
IRMCO Die Lubricants meet the new friction and tooling demands from advanced high strength steel.

Advanced High Strength Steel – IRMCO’s Extreme Temperature (ET) High Polymer  (HSP) technology has replaced conventional products and significantly improved metal flow by reducing  friction on advanced and ultra high strength steel with KSI levels as high as 190. Studies involving metal forming tooling coated with chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD) and Thermal Diffusion (TD) have shown that the IRMCO film helps significantly increase coating life. Automotive studies on high strength steel have also documented a 25% increase in tool coating life.

Material Costs – Improved tool performance and IRMCO’s advanced forming film technology can   increase metal stretch up to 55% thus creating the potential to downgrade metal or increase metal   efficiency. Grade change can provide a 10-20% material savings.

Assembly, Cleaning & Paint
– IRMCO’s technology can be removed with 120ºF plain water or a mild alkaline cleaner. Washer temperatures can be reduced as much as 50ºF, and pre-treatment bath life can be extended up to 50%. In some cases parts can be welded or assembled without prior cleaning, providing significant energy and process efficiency savings. Leading paint companies have awarded IRMCO with a “perfect 10” e-coat compatibility score.

ISO 14001 Environmental Achievement – According to EPA parameters IRMCO’s technology exhibits some of the lowest toxicity scores in the industry. With an LC 50 score as high as 64,000ppm, IRMCO’s technology is easily reclaimed, recycled, or in some cases sewer disposed without treatment or  haul-away. Improved cleaning process efficiency significantly reduces cleaning chemical hazards and volume.

The following are a few of the many IRMCO success stories in applying IRMCO lubricants to stamping operations.




Photo No. 1
Component:  Upper and lower side member
Material:    055 AHSS
Tooling Surface:  Coated tool steel
Fluid Technology:  IRMCO FLUIDS® HSS
  - Improved metal flow
  - Reduced die pick-up & forming temperature 
  - Pre-assembly wash eliminated
Photo No. 2                   
Lawn and Garden
Component: 38” lawn cutting deck
Material:  Cold rolled steel
Tooling Surface: Uncoated tool steel
Fluid Technology: IRMCO FLUIDS® 
  - Reduced waste treatment oil volume 90%
  - Reduced forming fluid volume 50%
  -  Waste treatment capital avoided
Photo No. 3
Component: Truck axle bracket
Material:  AHSS
Tooling Surface:  IONBOND® 5 coating
Fluid Technology: IRMCO FLUIDS® HS
  - Reduced surface quality rejects
  - Tool coating life increased 25%
  - Reduced pre-assembly handling & washing



Photo No. 4
 Office furniture
Component:  Chair spine
Material: High strength steel
Tooling Surface:  Uncoated tool steel
Fluid Technology:  IRMCO FLUIDS® HSS
 - 100% of parts welded without rejects
 -  Material flow was consistent
 -  Increased welding efficiency

Photo No. 5
Component: Oven wrapper
Material: Galvanized & enameling iron
Tooling Surface: Uncoated tool steel
Fluid Technology:  IRMCO FLUIDS®
 -  Increased rib depth from 11.05 to 12mm  
 -  Eliminated pre-assembly/welding parts washing
 -  Reduced fluid consumption 18%

Photo No. 6
Component: Exhaust manifold
Material: Cold rolled steel
Fluid Technology:   IRMCO GEL®
 -  Increased weld qualityReduced pre-weld hand cleaning time
 -  Increased surface finish quality
 -  Increased productivity, reduced costs

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