FlexSpray offers the most complete and reliable line of airless spray stock lubrication systems.

FlexSpray’s unique modular design allows for easy pump and complete option expansion.  All systems are engineered to be completely expandable.

FlexSpray’s precise metered lubrication provides the ability to achieve a variety of crisp spray patterns.

FlexSpray’s exclusive individual stainless steel control pumps have burnished finish interior ports; therefore, resulting in the longest pump life in the industry.

FlexSpray’s capability to control volume, location and timing will result in the following cost savings and benefits:

  • Increased die life: Lubricating the critical areas in the die promotes extended production runs between sharpening.
  • Reduced lubricant usage: Proper application of die lubricant cuts waste.
  • Increased productivity: Proper lubrication increases runtime.
  • Improved part quality: Proper lubrication improves part quality and reduces scrap.
  • Increased press speeds: By reducing heat, FlexSpray’s lubrication systems help promote increased press speeds.
  • Environmental improvement: FlexSpray insures that the die lubricant can be applied only to the critical areas you desire.   

The FlexSpray pumps are reciprocating piston units driven by shop air.  The lubricant is ejected mechanically; therefore, no fog or mist is generated. 

For difficult high viscosity lubricants, the heavy duty, FlexSpray High-Viscosity Pumps can be furnished.

We also furnish individual modular pump systems that permit each pump to be controlled by a PLC, PLS, or PC.   Any combination of pump stations can be activated or disabled by a job program as needed, making it very easy to configure lubrication needs for each job and reduce set-up time.

Various sizes of FlexSpray systems with
standard stainless steel reservoirs pictured above

The photo above illustrates the exclusive
stainless steel control pump with burnished
finished interior ports, resulting in  the
longest pump life in the industry.

The FlexSpray Model Min-Flex Features:
  • FlexSpray's Min-Flex has the same great quality as our other models with great space-saving features.
  • The Min-Flex Series is designed with Mounting Tabs on the reservoir. Bolt this lubricator to a press, wall or any place conveniently located to the specific application.
  • Filling the reservoir is done from the front on these units instead of the rear. The 5 gallon reservoir makes this a nice mid-range model that can be incorporated into most any applications.
  • Configure from 1 to 6 Standard or Micro (L.V.) Lubricator Pumps.
  • Min-Flex can be equipped with 3 High Viscosity Lubricator for the handling more viscous fluids.
  • Automate with a Repeat Cycle Timer, Digital Counter or one of the many Electrical Options offered by FlexSpray.
  • Constructed with a Durable Stainless Steel Reservoir that offers a storage capacity of 5 gallons.

High viscosity modular unit for
heavy lubricant in-die application

Manifold mount system for application
with central lubrication supply equipment. 

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FlexSpray Airless Spray Stock Lubrication Systems.