Caldwell Group
We are pleased to supply a variety of coil hook and sheet handling equipment to meet most customer applications.  Products include:

checkbox Coil Hooks
checkbox Vertical Coil Lifters
checkbox Two Sided Coil Lifters
checkbox Dixon Coil Hooks
checkbox Coil Upenders
checkbox Coil / Pallet Lifters
checkbox Lift Truck Attachments
checkbox Coil Slings
checkbox Sheet Lifters
checkbox Die Lifting Tongs
checkbox Vacuum Lifters
checkbox Lifting Beams

We are pleased to provide the following partial catalog information on various Caldwell  products.  Please contact Metalworking Machinery Systems for a proposal or additional  information on your specific application.

Dixon Model H Coil Hooks
  Model H

Model 82 Heavy Duty “C” Hook
Heavy Duty C Hook

Model 82 Narrow Coil “C” Hook
narow C hook

Model 83 Vertical “Eye” Coil Lifter
Verticlal Eye Coil Lifter

Model 83-EW Extended Width Vertical “Eye” Coil Lifter
Extended Width Eye Lifter

Model 5 & 10 Fork Lift Truck Lift Attachment
  Beams & Hooks

Fork Covers
Fork Covers

Die Lifting Tongs

Model 60 Heavy Duty Sheet Lifters
sheet lifters