Behringer Saws  
We are pleased to offer Behringer Saws, the world's leading manufacturer of heavy-duty, high performance horizontal bandsawing machines, plate saws, power hack saws, circular saws, fabricating machines and integrated material handling systems for the metalworking and structural steel industries.  

Behringer offers cost-effective, easy-to-use, superior saws designed to cut ferrous and non-ferrous plates, tubes, profiles, and solids.
Behringer horizontal bandsaws employ a unique, parallel down-feed design that is far superior to the industry's conventional swing-frame and vertical systems. This design insures that the sawblade is kept parallel to the material being cut.

Further benefits of the horizontal down-feed system are shorter cutting paths, longer blade life, short remnant lengths, constant removal rate and equal weight force throughout the entire cutting cycle.

Because the solid cast bowframe is mounted on two large columns and a heavy-duty base, vibration and deflection are virtually eliminated.
Behringer fully-hydraulic horizontal bandsaw systems are capable of cutting squares and rounds up to 102". Saws are offered in automatic, semi-automatic and computer-numerical-control (CNC) models. Behringer also offers saws capable of mitre cuts from 45° left to 60° right (105° total)

Various levels of material handling are available, such as: Lift and Carry for automatic loading of bundles or large profiles, Inclined Magazine for automatic loading of round materials, Pusher Plate for automatic unloading of long cut-off lengths, Flat Magazine for automatic loading of multiple shapes including rounds, flats and structural profiles and Output Sorting Unit for automatic sorting of cut parts.

A few of the many types and style of Behringer Saws and Systems are illustrated below.  Contact Metalworking Machinery Systems, Inc. for information on your specific applications.

Horizontal Band Saws

Vertical Plate Cutting Saws

Semi-Automatic Band Saws

High Performance Circular Cold Saws

Drilling & Sawing Lines with Automation

Multi-Spindle Structural Drilling Machines

CNC Horizontal Band Saws with Material Automation

 Miter Circular Cold Saws

Punching and Shearing Machines for Structural Profiles – 
Angles, Flats & Beams

High Speed Carbide
Cutting Saws


Behringer Saws specializes in providing complete sawing systems designed to improve productivity and reduce costs. Incorporating the latest technology, systems are fully integrated to handle an entire operation from powered roller conveying to cross transporting and bundle clamping, through cutting to length, ejection and sorting.

Typical systems include material handling and transport for input and output sides as well as the saw itself. Material handling options consist of:
  • Powered or non-powered input/output roller conveyors
  • Cross-transfer systems (drag chain or walking-beam)
  • Length measuring units (manual or NC controlled)
  • Automated cut to weight system
  • Programmable marking/engraving
  • Barcode identification system
  • Sorting units
  • Ejection units

 Contact Metalworking Machinery Systems, Inc . for more information on Behringer Saws and Systems.